About The War Council

The War Council exists to coordinate the efforts of many like-minded individuals into an unstoppable force of pure unbridled power. The Council will be comprised of representatives of all classes with no regard to race. We will work as a single being with one body, one mind, one soul. We will crush our enemies beneath our feet and build our empire upon their remains. Those who would oppose us will feel the wrath of the crusaders of war and know without doubt that we, The War Council, are indefatigable in our pursuit of power. We will not be stopped. Victory will be ours.

TWC has been around since the days of Everquest, and was there when WoW first launched back in 2004. We are a mature guild on the Silver Hand server, comprised almost exclusively of immature fools. We have members all over, but most of the guild is located on the west coast of the US. If you enjoy gratuitous political incorrectness and progression raiding with a group of dedicated skilled individuals, you might fit in here. We focus on PVE progression on both the 10 and 25-man stages, and have enjoyed the realm-#1 spot for just about everything PVE for quite some time now on the server…

Our current base raid schedule is:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
7 PM PST (10 PM EST) to 10 PM PST (1 AM EST)

While that may not seem like many hours spent raiding each week, we get a lot done in that time and expect everyone to be on top of their game each night. We do supplementary raiding as required to stay on top of progression, or just for fun in general as well.

If you have any questions about the guild, simply ask to speak with Radz (radz#1808) or one of our officers in-game.